Sunday, November 22, 2009

Art Cafeteria

Yesterday I had my first “art cafeteria” with the second and third graders. The “lesson” came as a result of “what can I do with the second graders” type day. I pulled out all kinds of bits and pieces – colored paper scraps, markers, crayons, pencils, shape templates, crepe paper, tissue paper, ribbon, plain white paper, graph paper, scissors and glue sticks. We have a short discussion about what a cafeteria is, what you do when you go there etc. Then I have them get in the cafeteria line, take a paper plate “tray” and go down the line. They tell the cafeteria “lady” (me) what they want and I fill their plates. They can come back for “seconds” on their own. They love it. I love it. They work independently, are very creative, learn to figure things out like “how can I attach this without a stapler or tape”. Kids made every thing from karate headbands to beautiful cards to their parents, even a “fruit bowl” out of the paper plate and crumpled crepe paper. And they get to take their work home. I got to work on my supply order.