Friday, January 13, 2012

Up All Night and a Visit from the Prince

I had the library lock in last night with the now 11th graders who started the project when they were in the 9th grade. We didn't finish but we can see the end. They are already pleading for another "up all night" lock-in work session...Oh my, I am not sure I have it in me. But they make it so easy. My two colleagues Warren and Vincent were really the ones who made it possible, both coming about 10:00 pm to do the "overnight" part. I went to the nurse’s room about 10:30 and had a reasonably good nights sleep on the “sick bed” until about 5:00 am. Then I was up - bird bath - and started the "coffee" for breakfast. The kids were tucked in all over the library. As the rooms got lighter I would see someone in a sleeping bag under a shelf or between stacks of books. The coral reef room looked like dolphins had beached themselves with five sleeping bags lined up in a row. Sleepy heads munched on fruit loops, chocolate chip cookies, drank coffee and hot chocolate and went off to class, some of them still in their PJs. We have a half day today, with parent conferences in the afternoon and then a three day weekend for MLK. Sleeeeep, I want sleeeeeep and quiet.

Emails I most probably will never receive again after I return to the states.
From the high school principal: “Dear Teachers,
The B- - - - family will not be in school on Thursday, and will leave early on Wednesday due to the visit of the Prince of Spain to Honduras.”

Father is the Spanish Ambassador to Honduras. The email just kind of tickled me. Thinking of all the excuses for absences I have received in the US, never one like this!

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