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Nagoya International School Japan

Getting Here

January 13,2014

Everyone no doubt has their own “Arctic Snow/Freeze of January 2014”. This is mine.

The Cherry Tree and
Morning Glory Vine
I was able to get out of town but not as planned.  Saturday I got word that my Sunday flight was canceled, so I spent six hours of packing time rescheduling my flight – first available was January 8, routed through Dallas. I planned a couple of extra cozy days packing and home caring but… Sunday lost power about 3:00 pm spent a chilly but cozy under-covers night with water slowly running from all faucets. Woke to a dead phone and …well you know what we woke to Monday morning…my drive had been plowed and I could get out easily.  I slipped and slid to the corner 86th and Ditch to the Speedway gas station…only place open – no power so no information…went in and asked to charge my phone…and explained to the two policemen there why I was out on the roads etc. back home with hot coffee and connected to the outside world, I continued the packing process when my house dipped down to 38 degrees, I was saved by the neighbors across the street…all of whom had power. I spent a cozy night with them and Tuesday continued packing the house now at 34. Power was restored about 3:00pm Tuesday.
The Yellow Rose bowing down heavy with snow almost
pulling the trellis down with it.
The willow trellis for the yellow rose.


My nephew arrived about 4:00 from Brownsburg to take me to his place to be ready for a very early 4:30 ride to the airport with 4 very plump bags.  Just before we walked out the door I asked him to check the thermostat – I had not heard the blower come on…yep furnace not working. Skip details here, one hour later, lines are unfrozen with hair dryer and warmth pouring out. And I am on my way. 


Wednesday morning…finally out of town. A three hour delay sitting at the gate strapped into my seat like a cork in a bottle in Dallas…of course missing connection in Tokyo…at last in Nagoya about 8:30 long drive to the outskirts of the city. The first colorfully lighted signs I see are …Comfort Inn and Costco, 7 Eleven and Circle K.  Arrive at  my little apartment about 11:00pm– which is really fairly large, two bedroom, lounge, kitchen dining area, soaking tub, shower, washing machine room all partitioned by sliding doors. The only source of heat is in the “lounge” which fortunately connects with bed room.  So I have moved all of my furniture into the lounge so that I am now toasty warm in the 40 degree and lower temps. But NO SNOW!


I slept in a bit Friday and visited the school mid morning, meeting people, checking out the art room and finding my way around. Stairs will be a challenge but I am figuring out ways to limit the need to use them. Two elevators were installed to make the campus accessible for a wheelchair bound student so my knees will benefit from her accommodation. One of the elevators is in the purpose built art building and goes from the first floor elementary art room to the second floor secondary art room. 


I am up early on this Monday morning. My brain is full. So many observations – the Saturday trip to the grocery store is a story in itself, so much to learn here.


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